Our second album Scores have received several nice reviews, here’s some of them:

Dagens Nyheter (In Swedish by Martin Nyström):

Sound of Music (In Swedish by Mats Almegård):

The Pulse (In English by Ernie Paik):

If you feel eager to hear the album, take a listen on spotify!


Oh. The Release of our record Scores is surely coming up fast. Come and see/hear it if you’re in the stockholm area the 20th of may. It will be great. New songs, new videothingy that we’re going to try. It’s gonna be good! The beer is a combination of cheap and good and we would be delighted to have you!!!

See you then!!

Facebook event here:

Release show!!

Ok. We’re a bit slow but just because we have a thousand things going at once. Anyway we’re booked for two shows. The first one is our RELEASE!! It will be happening on the evening on the 20th of May @ fylkingen in stockholm. The weekend after we will be playing in Malmö. Yey! We’ll post more info about both shows soon! Now over to something a little more urgent!

The truth is that you DON’T have to wait until the 20th of may to hear the new record. You can hear it NOW! Yes. All you need is Spotify.

Click the link and hear the new album now!!!
Memo Cassette – Scores

Scores cover!

Live gig and record almost done

Hi all!

Monday night we played a small gig at the splendid klubb sekt @ biorio in hornstull, Stockholm. It went really good!! Also we’ve just sent the audio master and the artwork to the pressing of THE NEW CD! Yes, it is finally done. Now it both sounds and looks really good! Here’s a preview for you who want to hear it what it sounds like!

This is the score for Oi! written by Johannes!

The score of Oi!

See you soon!

New Rehearsal out-take

Hey everyone!

Today was a really really good rehearsal. Everyone was tired from work and the hundreds of other stuff we all do. Johannes was even feeling a little sick and had a headache. However, Hans had brought some candy and Johannes found half a cup of cold coffee in the kitchen. We set up our stuff and as soon as there was noise, there was peace. Johannes headache vanished like a sinesweep. We got into it good and towards the end we played one of Hans’s scores “Tonalt & Fint” that sounded like:

Rehearsal is ON

We have settled in our respective old/new homes here in Stockholm and (finally) started rehearsing at the wonderful EMS. And now, after a few weeks, it’s starting to sound really good again.

We are trying to work a bit more with different types of scores. Experimenting with what makes the best solution. So far we’ve been able to make a lot more diverse soundscapes and more deliberate form structures than before.

For your delight a first preview of what we’re working on is up, right here!